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We organize ISK Consulting SA with a kernel of stable competencies in our company, and a network of affiliated specialized resources in technical domains.

We also committ to give a chance to MBA and DBA graduates and propose internships in our project teams on a very regular basis.

We have only consultants and interns on our payroll. The organization of our company does not necessit any specific in house back-office activity, such as personal assistants, or a secretarial back-office, as we use (mutualized) outsourced resources in Luxembourg for these aspects.

Feel free to send us your curriculum, a picture and a list of references if you have the feeling that we could work together. A series of pdf files is ok for a first contact. No need for snail mail and paper, as we limit paper documents to the domains listed as legal obligations in Luxembourg. Thanks in advance for sending spontaneous applications with your contact details. We answer calls for proposals on a regular basis, and there is a great chance that we will contact you to complement our team or make a first test together with one of our projects.


We are looking for resources in several domains.
Feel free to send us your resume.


ALL our consultants have been active as projects managers in diverse projects.
(Active) certifications are not demanded in most of our projects, but PM represents a mandatory individual competency in our company.
We have a preference for project managers trained with Prince2 methods, yet also work with PMI-trained consultants sometimes.