Mission statement

ISK stands for Innovation, Strategy and Knowledge





In our company name, "ISK" stands for Innovation, Strategy and Knowledge.

We work with our clients to discover their actual strengths
and leverage on those to develop competitive advantages, to create and capture value.

Our company delivers several categories of services, most notably
in different areas of business consulting, and in relation with tertiary education programs.

Our originality relates to the articulation between management consulting and academic research.
We know how to articulate the most recent and acurate research results with actual managerial activities.

We can eventually contribute to the activities of companies in holding actual managerial positions for specific durations (under service models). Most of our consultants have experienced managerial responsibilities in the administration, in tertiary education institutions and businesses, and in companies.

We develop consulting activities in several domains of management:

  • strategic management at corporate and business unit levels, including the elaboration of business models and governance schemes, and technico-operational studies. Our originality is to bridge strategic analysis with the calculation of business models, to expand the investigation of quantified business cases with the analysis of governance schemes, and to identify and articulate core competences, dynamic capabilities, and strategic assets with the creation or preservation of sustainable competitive advantages;
  • the management of innovation and creativity, including the management of open innovation schemes, the dynamics of communities and innovation platforms;
  • the (strategic) management of knowledge, including the analysis of strategic knowledge assets and of (social) learning cycles.

ISK Consulting SA is also active in three additional domains:

  • incubation and acceleration of startups, with mentoring activities at all steps of the elaboration of the strategic plan, business model, governance model, operations plan, and fundraising. Compensation may occur either in service model, or in equity. We can also eventually accept responsibilities for administrator positions.
  • valorization of intanglible assets, incl. the management of patent portfolios, strategic decision making about patenting, and strategic management of knowledge assets
  • real estate investments, in Luxemburg, in other European countries, and in Northern America.

ISK Consulting SA runs its activities from Luxembourg, Paris and Brussels. Our HQ is located in Luxembourg city.