Key application domains



Drawing a list of our main intervention domains remains both easy and challenging. It is easy because we can outline our references over the years. We have a 20 years long experience in the aerospace industry, and in Defense and Security ecosystems. We have worked extensively on most industrial, budget-related, economic and public policy issues relevant for the ASD sector, and we have a NATO-wide experience.

It is also a challenge because we take advantage of all these years spent with civilian and military aviation complex programs, and with Defense and Security innovation, to work now on lots of different topics related to digital transformation, the complexities of IT networks, open innnovation, and the new features of user-led innovation.




We work with the same dedication for the industry, international agencies, national and regional governments, and local communities.

We have an extensive experience supporting decision makers at strategic, business unit and operational levels with the management of innovation and the management of knowledge. We can support the elaboration of strategic plans, incl. scenario-based analysis of business models and their governance. We have also an extensive experience with all operational aspects related to these issues. We cover all managerial challenges translating strategy and business models into reality.

We support decisions makers, entrepreneurs and investors in the creation of businesses in the EU and in other areas of the world. We have a demonstrated record of missions in the support to startups and innovative projects.
With several research projects on innovation platforms, corporate labs and coworking spaces, our people have collected returns on experience about key success factors and rationales for the management of open innovation processes. Managers have to focus on new issues (e.g. empowerment). They work to create the conditions for success in bottom up processes. The design of the working space is also of increasing importance to open up and accomodate the contributions made by community members. We support startups, innovation platforms and corporate open labs to install these new practices and behaviors.
These new organizational designs reframe managerial practices on innovation. They reshape the organization of activitie and the maturation of projects for startups, large established companies, and medium size industries. They also foster the installation of freelancers and independent workers, and their networking. The management of the associated communities proves to become a major issue for innovation. Our people have collected returns on experience about key success factors and rationales for the management of these entities, that not all relate to innovation but always follow the same patterns and depend on the same key success factors. It is always ncessary to manage the conditions for success with bottom up processes, and to install the appropriate design for the space to empower community members. We support the promoters of such spaces, and public policy makers supporting these initiatives.
Dual-use policies and strategies used to be appraised in sequential ways, which leads to dead-ends. Addressing these issues requires a systemic view where synergies (and related diversification) are appraised upfront during the sensing and seizing phases, and the organizational design adapted to leverage ex ante on synergies. This requires a specific understanding of dynamic capabilities in the industry. We have developed this specific expertise on DCs and we know how to orient the organizational design and the appropriate behaviors.
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Our expertise covers the design of programs for tertiairy education in our research and consultancy domains. Most of our partners and consultants have have a demonstrated experience in heading, designing, delivering programs at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level. Our expertise covers also education for executives at MSc, MBA and DBA levels.
Strategic challenges related to global firms are not directly similar to the ones incurred by international firms. They relate to "glocal" perspectives, at the same time local and global, with reference to specific boundaries and ecosystems. We have investigated these issues in relation with growth, dynamic capabilities, and innovation.
Over the years, we have learnt that comparisons make it more effective to analyze strategic options and investigate the relevance of prospective scenarios. We have developed an abilityt to work on different sectors, from complex programs (in Defense, Security, Space or aeronautics in general) to B2C ventures (such as kitchen appliances or luxury products). More recently, we have also developped competencies on "deep techs", such as biotechs, AI and big data management.
With several research projects on innovation platforms, corporate labs and coworking spaces, our consultants have accumulated returns on experience about key success factors and rationales for the design of these spaces ensuring the success of open innovation processes. We support private companies and public institutions in the installation of such activities and support for the design of related strategies, or public policies, the definition of managerial aspects, the identification of appropriate competencies, and the management of the everyday activities.
Aviation telecoms, satcoms, and command and control networks depend on complex coordination issues between digital solutions, infrastructures, and platforms. We have managed teams and supported private industries and public institutions to manage these complex programs, analyze the relevance of associated investments and handle the interactions between hardware, middleware, and software, and combine continuous adaptation, service delivery and the continuity of operations.
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Our expertise covers both the running of accreditation, and the design of education programs at Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate level to prepare for nat. and int. accreditation processes (French CTI, AMBA, AACSB, etc). Our expertise also covers the design of tertiary education strategies, and the associated change management- both in public and private environments.