Our story... How we created ISK Consulting SA

ISK stands for Innovation, Strategy and Knowledge



Once upon a time

Dr valerie Merindol, an analyst on innovation related policies, and Dr David W. Versailles, an economist and epistemologist trained in industrial organisation, met as they were positioned in the French Ministry of Defense. After some years in the central administration, they transfered to the French Air Force to create the (basic) Research center of the French Air Force and contribute to the reform of the French Air Force Academy.

A shift towards consulting

In 2009, after the end of their mission in the French Defense, Dr David W. Versailles turned to business consulting and created a business unit in charge of strategic business modeling, of knowledge management, and of the governance of industrial complex programs in the Brussels-based consulting company Open Solutions SA/NV. Most activities were commissioned by European agencies (ESA, EDA, EUROCONTROL) and large established firms from the aerospace sector. Projects mobilized at the same time Open Solutions SA/NV and the Luxembourg-based company OBIZCO SARL. After some time, Dr David W. Versailles moved the business unit to Luxembourg inside OBIZCO SARL. During these years, Dr Valerie Merindol was heading the portfolio of research and consulting activities in relation with innovation policies in the French agency Observatoire des Sciences et des Techniques (OST). During all these years, Valerie Merindol and David W. Versailles preserved acedemic activities (lectures at L-M levels) and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Nov. 2017: creation of the company

A change of governance in OBIZCO SARL has made it relevant to autonomize our activities and incorporate ISK Consulting SA in Luxembourg at the end of 2017. Dr Jean-Paul Susini joined our team as an administrator at the foundation of the company.




And now...

We leverage on 20years of experience as academics and as consultants.
We synergize between all our activities to deliver always improving services
We maintain good business interactions with our old clients
We also enjoy addressing new challenges for our new clients
Friends and colleagues joined our team and increase our competence domains
and now...
Let's grow together!   Your success will be our success!