Our key success factors

ISK stands for Innovation, Strategy and Knowledge






ISK CONSULTING SA elaborates on a rare competence: the ability to work in interaction between, and to facilitate missions with, engineers and technology specialists, executives, economists, specialists in all areas of management, and social scientists.

Our engineers and economists are used to contributing together to a large series of missions and projects, and more specifically when managerial, governance related, and technology issues are to be computed jointly in technico-economic projects. Our expertise covers the various aspects of strategy making, and of the elaboration of business models. We have a long lasting experience with the management of complex programs. We also cover the investigation of creativity and innovation issues, and all aspects of the (strategic) management of knowledge.

With our partner consulting firms OBIZCO Sarl and OPEN SOLUTIONS SA/NV, we can reach out to an extended network of freelancers and engineers in different technological areas.


  • Senior team of highly qualified in-house resources,
    with twin experience as practitionners and academics
  • Strong expertise in articulating together the most recent research results with consulting activities
  • Strong expertise in all transverse domains relevant for the development of system integration and complex systems
  • Strong expertise with the elaboration of business models and governance frameworks
  • Strong cross-sectoral expertise, with activities in different technological areas and sectors
  • Strong understanding of the complexities and challenges of aviation, transportation, Defense, Security, and C2 networks from an operational perspective
  • Demonstrated success in investigating the management of technologies and of operations, and performance issues
  • Demonstrated success in facilitating interactions in task groups, expert groups and workshops;
  • Excellent desktop publishing and information presentation style;
  • Consistent experience of supporting and advising strategic managers in different domains.
  • Ability to reach out to a network of independent experts and companies
  • No interest in any product selling