Our convictions

ISK stands for Innovation, Strategy and Knowledge


Our team elaborates on senior consultants with a triple experience:

consultants, academics, practionners

In our consulting missions, we generate effective solutions and create value for our clients. We keep our feet on the ground. We analyze, clarify and solve strategic, operational and managerial challenges for decision makers. We are convinced that value creation and value capture depend on end-users centric solutions, on the ability to work in multidisciplinary teams, and on a mix between academic rigor with consulting pragmatism.

End-users at the heart of digitalization,
platforms, and knowledge based economies

We generate solutions to comply with end-users' expectations and non-linear innovation processes. We develop governance solutions for multi-level and multi-stakeholder governance schemes. We address the drivers of performance, flexibility, and adaptation. We understand the drivers of globalisation and the dynamics of digitalization, of platform based industries, of networked activies, and of knowledge based economies.




Multidisciplinary projects
combining engineers and management experts

As consultants, we work most often with engineers and technology specialists, designers, end-users. In our interventions, we compute data and information collected from all stakesholders. We know how to manage these people to work together, and we cross bridges with them. We facilitate joint learning processes and we facilitate the emergence of a global picture to generate effective solutions.

Combination between academic rigor
and consulting pragmatism

Academic rigor makes it possible to zoom out from the tools, concepts and returns on experience used in consulting, and critically appraise their applicability to our missions. We take advantage of our rigourous research methods to implement protocols optimizing the execution of projects under tight budget and time constraints. We know how to point out the validity domains relevant for practitionners.